Ok, the truth is, our yard is awful.  Not in that I-haven’t-mowed-the-lawn-in-a-week kind of way, or the It-would-never-be-featured-in-a-magazine kind of way, but in the Is-that-house-abandoned? kind of way.  We have weeds everywhere, the rosebushes are taller than we are, and our porch is covered in years of dust.  It’s always been this way.  We bought the house as a fixer-upper and spent the majority of our time fixing up the inside.  We finally started working on the outside a few years later, but then we had a baby and started masters programs, so that ended all but the occasional mowing when the lawn (weeds) gets out of hand.

So now here were are, with full time jobs, masters programs still requiring our focus and time, and a toddler who loves to play outside.  Oh, and did I mention a yard that needs serious help?

We have to find a way to improve before our neighbors (most of whom are retired and spend hours each day cultivating their gorgeous plants, yet are so very sweet and patient with us) start rioting.  With no time and little money, we want to somehow transform our yard from overgrown jungle to friendly, manageable landscape.

Enter: THE PLAN.  An overarching ideal with weekly goals to help keep us on track.  First the big picture.  By the end of this year, we want our yard to:

  1.  Be dog and toddler friendly while also having space for parties, big or small,
  2. Require less water!  A big lawn seems so wasteful in the desert (plus the less we have to mow, the better)
  3. Improve the overall curb appeal of our house.
  4. Feel like an extension of our house.
  5. Be inviting enough for us to want to spend time there.

Each week I will list the items we accomplished toward our goal.  I truly hope writing this down will keep us focused and moving forward!  Accomplished in Week 1:

  1.  Weeds pulled from back flower bed
  2. Lawn mowed
  3. Outdoor playset ordered, delivered, and assembled
Fish and Ares watch as Little Miss explores her new playset.

Fish and Ares watch as Little Miss explores her new playset.

Our goals for next week are:

  1.  Repair/rewire the front sprinkler line
  2. Dig up sprinklers on the side of the house.
  3. Cap sprinklers on the side of the house in preparation for gravel and pathway.
  4. Continue weeding and mowing.

I’m extremely hopeful that this plan will work.  We had such a wonderful time playing outside with Little Miss, Fish, and Ares once we got the playset assembled.  Here’s hoping for many more fond memories in our yard!


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