Nursery updates

We’ve had a few fun and exciting updates in the nursery these past few weeks, helped along by some wonderful people in our life.  Though we’ve had the crib for a while, we found these awesome elephant print sheets at Target.  We’ve been loving the little bit of whimsy it adds to the room.

Elephant sheets from Target

A friend of ours volunteered to make a changing table for us (you can check out her blog here).  Our nursery is not very large, so we requested a piece that would fit in the small scale of the room.  She did such a wonderful job and it turned out beautifully!

Changing table with drawersWe are so excited about the extra storage for diapers, bedding, and clothes!  I think this style will work much better for us than the open storage changing tables.  I like to think that we’ll manage to stay super organized and keep the space cute, but the truth is I think we’ll be happy to close the drawer and hide the potential chaos.  We recently added a changing pad secured to the top of the table, so we’re feeling pretty baby ready!

Changing table with pad

We had been using an old dresser of Joseph’s to keep our little one’s clothes organized in the closet.  We love the functionality of the piece, but we’ve never been super fond of it’s original paint color.

Dresser before

Since it is so thin and tall, we decided it’s proportions would work perfectly out in the room.  Inspired by Pinterest and a paint job my sister did on the dresser for her upcoming baby (see photos here), we decided to sand this dresser down and give it a completely new look.  One thing that Joseph set up for me that I just loved when painting the drawer pulls was this little beauty:  five holes drilled in a piece of plywood to hold them up to dry.  It made my life so much easier!

Drawer pulls drying

We used the leftover paint from our master bedroom on the drawers, and now the little corner in our nursery looks like this:

Nursery corner

We still have plenty of work to do in here–the glider, artwork for the walls, and a few more finishing details–but we’re quite pleased with how our little blue and green nursery is shaping up.

Now just for smiles–spring is popping up all over the desert and our tiny little apple tree that we planted as a sapling two years ago is finally sprouting some beautiful blossoms.  We’re so excited about the potential for fruit this season!

IMG_0234 IMG_0231 IMG_0226 Apple Blossom


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