The house projects continue!

Slowly but surely, the nursery and office projects are moving forward.  First up for us this week, beginning the process of recovering the bright red desk chair.  I wish I could show you the full process with a final picture, but the truth is, we only completed step one of five.  So here’s what’s up so far:

The before picture

The before picture

First step, removing the cushions in order to recover them.

Cushions off!

Cushions off!

Unfortunately, removing the cushions damaged the hooks that were originally holding them on, so we’ll have some extra work to do when we go to reattach them.  Bummer.

Next up, a few things for the nursery.  Joseph spent a few hours putting together our new pack-n-play.  As we put together more and more baby items, we’re discovering that the instructions are only marginally helpful.  For example, there is a sunshade that attaches to the rocker on this model that we still haven’t figured out how to put on.  Outside of that though, we’re quite happy with it!

Graco Pack 'n Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat in Winslet

Graco Pack ‘n Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat in Winslet

When we first bought the house we took out a closet to build a desk area into our guest room.  We loved having the area available for scrapbooking materials or other crafts.

20131111_200641Now that the room has become a nursery, we really felt we needed the space for storing baby stuff.  Knowing us, the space will not always be well organized, so rather than leaving the space open we decided to hang some curtains.

Closet curtain

Threshold Fretwork Border curtain in blue/white

We really like the look, but our favorite part is the new curtain rod finials we found:

Butterfly Finial

Xhilaration Butterfly Drapery Rod

We’ve also continued decorating our house for the holidays.  One simple project we picked up from Pinterest involves cutting various paper items–in our case, an extra program from our wedding and vintage sheet music of O Tannenbaum–into small strips and putting them inside a clear glass ornament.  We love the final result!  Ornaments

Another Pinterest project is the wreath that hangs on our front door.  So simple to do, and all of the materials came from Walmart.
20131222_123606Of course, with all this going on around the house, the dogs continued to supervise from their spot on the couch.  Apparently it is exhausting work!  Fish sleeping on the couch


One response to “The house projects continue!

  1. I love all the work you have done! Your house is looking wonderful. The Christmas decoration are so simple and yet so classic. You two are quite the handy pair, despite the lacking instructions!

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