The process continues…

This week we’ve continued revamping our office/guest room and nursery.  It was a somewhat busy week at work, so we’re not accomplishing everything as quickly as we originally hoped.  Then again, when we first started fixing up this house we discovered that we always need to double the amount of money we think a project will take and triple the amount of time.  In that case, we’re still ahead of schedule (and under budget).  🙂

The nursery has undergone a few subtle changes, such as an assembled stroller and carseat, as well as the organization of our current selection of baby clothes by size.  The one noticeable change are the new curtains.  We’ve decided to go with light blues and greens in the nursery, and we just love the way the blue curtains change the light in the room.

Nursery curtains

Threshold Blue Fretwork Border from Target

Joseph has been busy sanding and painting the desks for the office.  They’ve made quite a transformation from their previous red and black!

Painting desk

The painting process

Desk drawers

Joseph wanted to watch The Big Bang Theory and paint simultaneously, so a tarp and paint can moved into our living room. It didn’t seem like the best idea ever, but in the end, there are no extra paint splotches in the carpet.

Finished desks

Now that the desks are painted and moved back into the office, we’re debating whether to keep the hardware the same, or replace the black drawer pulls with silver.  Any thoughts?

Finally (this may seem strange), we really liked the wastebaskets we had in our office previously.  Instead of replacing them, we decided to try painting them just to see what might happen.  They’re not quite finished yet, but so far we’re pleased with how well the paint is adhering to the plastic and we know they’ll match the desks once we’re done.Painting wastebaskets

This week our goal is to move all of our electronics and desk storage back into the office.  I’ve also got quite a challenge of figuring out how to recover the red fabric on my computer chair.  Should be a good week!


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