Room reassignments

Well, it’s been quite a busy time here at the Joken household.  We found out we’re having a baby this spring and we quickly realized that meant revamping our house in order to accommodate a little one.  We planned and debated for a few months, then took the long Thanksgiving weekend to start the process of turning our former guest room into a nursery and combining our office with a space for overnight guests.  The process has not always been pretty, but we are pleased with our progress.

Before pictures:  Here’s an idea of what the guest bed room looked like prior to our project

20131111_200547 20131111_200641 20131111_200606

We forgot to take pictures of the office before we started taking everything out of the guest bed room, so these pictures are before painting, but after it became the staging ground for complete reorganization of the rooms.  At least it will give you an idea of the former color scheme.


Day 1:  Thanksgiving.  Everything moves out of the office except this couch, which we put together in the room and then discovered won’t fit back out the door.  Oh well!  Good thing we have a tarp to keep it covered during the painting process.20131027_164314

Though the office was a perfect staging area for all of the stuff coming out of the guest bedroom, it was time to move everything out so we could paint.  20131129_145732

Day 2:  Black Friday.  We knew we wanted a blue and grey color scheme in the room, but hadn’t really picked out which blues or greys. 20131129_133350

Fortunately, that decision came to us pretty easily.  The darker grey for the walls, the light grey for the ceiling and the closet door, and the blue for our desks.20131129_133401

Despite the mess taking over the main portion of our house, Fish managed to stay pretty relaxed.  20131129_145714

By the end of the day, the red wall had disappeared and the first coat of grey was on the walls.

Day 3:  Small Business Saturday.  While Kendra spent the day shopping for Christmas gifts in Las Vegas, Joseph stayed home to finish the paint job.  We always have a point during a large house project where we get completely overwhelmed, look around and say, “What did we get ourselves into? Will this project ever end?”  This was that moment for us.  Fish and Ares, however, remained completely unperturbed.  20131130_203538

By the end of the evening the painting was done, but our entire house was a disaster!  Who knew we could fit that much stuff into two rooms?  And painting the doors in the middle of the living area just added to the chaos.  At least we were happy with the colors on the walls and the ceiling.  We did manage to return a few stacks of books to their shelves before heading to bed that night, which helped the situation in the front rooms a little bit.  20131201_095307

Day 4:  …Sunday.  Time to start putting the rooms together!  Though we won’t be entirely finished with this project for a while (this week we’ll be painting the desks), we are starting to see our vision for each room come to life.  The closet doors went back up relatively easily and gave us the real picture of how the greys would work together.Closet doors

We used to have three large shelves hanging on the wall for our book collection, but we took one down so that our desks will now fit underneath.  Wall Shelf

The third shelf is now relocated over the top of our new sleeper sofa.  We are hoping this Ikea find will be a comfortable spot for our guests to spend a few nights.New couch under shelf

Of course, with all this going on in the office, not a lot got checked off our list in the nursery.  We did find time to put together two pieces of furniture Sunday night, with Fish supervising every step.  Supervisor Fish

First up was the crib.  This model is the DaVinci Kalani crib.  Despite one stripped screw and several scraped up toes (all Joseph’s), we managed to put it together in under an hour.  Now hopefully those nightstands will soon be replaced by a changing table.  20131201_185227We also put together the new swing/rocker combo (the Graco Full Swing–Elm).  It took a few pinched fingers and some backtracking (who created these instructional pictures?!?!), but fortunately this piece also came together relatively quickly and easily.  Full swingWhile we still have quite a lot of redecorating to do (all that dark furniture is coming out of the nursery soon!), we’re happy to see parts of both rooms coming together.


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