Outdoor Upgrades: Update #3

It’s been quite a while since we last posted about the goings-on around our yard, but we have not been idle.

1.  We finally finished installing all of the new doors!  These have been most handy because of our dogs.  Our new front door means we can answer the door without Fish and Ares immediately jumping all over our visitor (at least we can give them a little warning first).  Front DoorOur new back door heralded the end of the in/out game with our dogs.  We love it, they love it; it’s a very exciting time for all of us.  🙂  Back dog door

2.  Joseph finally finished the seemingly never ending task of repairing and updating our sprinkler system.  Hallelujah!  No more brown shrubs or dead flowers.  Well, at least not from lack of water. 

3.  We revised our original plan to create a patio with a hammock under our mulberry tree.  The more we thought about a stone patio, the more we worried that the mulberry roots would eventually pop through and create cracks and uneven spots.  So instead, we dug a few inches into the dirt, put down a weed barrier cloth and a wood border, and filled the space with brown wood mulch.  We buried the hammock base a few inches under the mulch to help keep it from blowing over and voila!  A new hammock area that we love just as much as we would a patio.  Hammock Area We did learn a few things from this project.  First of all, we want a heavier, better hammock in the future.  Second, our exterminator recommended using a weed barrier cloth instead of plastic, so that the chemicals can absorb into the ground underneath the mulch.  Otherwise, the mulch becomes a haven for roaches and other creepy crawlies.  Fortunately that’s exactly what we did, so hopefully the bugs in this area will be minimal.

4.  We banished the termites from our home.  Well, our exterminator did.  He drilled holes in our patio and treated the ground underneath.  He spent hours in our crawlspace pulling down insulation, treating the subfloor, and then replacing the insulation.  He treated every one of our mature rosebushes.  So far this was our most expensive upgrade of the summer, but considering what a huge investment a home is, we feel it was worth protecting it.

5.  We started weeding and putting mulch in our rosebeds.  We’re digging down a few inches to pull out all the weeds and rock from around the bushes, putting down a weed barrier, and covering the area with mulch.  Rosebush MulchSo far we’re only about 2 hours into this project, but we like the initial results.  Because our schedule gets a little hectic over the next several weeks, this project will probably move at a fairly slow pace, but we’re hoping to have it done before the end of September.


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