Dog Friendly Lake Tahoe: Day 4

Our final full day in Tahoe was jam-packed from sunup to sundown!  We started off by learning how to stand up paddle.  Fortunately for us the lake was completely calm that morning, so we had a very easy time staying on the board and maneuvering.  It turned out to be a very peaceful way to explore the lake.  SUP collageAfter our paddle board adventure we headed over to Tahoe Best Friends to pick up Ares and Fish.  While they were very happy to see us, we could tell they had a great time. Our next stop was lunch at the Blue Angel Cafe.  Once again we had an awesome wait staff who shared stories of their own dogs while making sure Fish and Ares had plenty of water throughout our meal.  Joseph & Ares at LunchWe rented a patio boat at the Tahoe Keys Resort and headed out to Emerald Cove.  The cove looked so beautiful from the highway a few days earlier that we just had to see what it looked like from the water.  The scenery did not disappoint.  Emerald Cove We then boated out toward the center of the lake, just to enjoy the breeze and the gorgeous afternoon.  I’m not sure who likes being on a boat more, us or the dogs, so we all had a great time.  Boat collageWhile out enjoying the beautiful blue water, we passed the Tahoe Queen, a paddle boat cruise ship we’d seen earlier that day while stand up paddle boarding.  Tahoe QueenWe hustled back to the hotel just in time for a sunset swim on the beach.  This was probably Fish and Ares favorite part of the trip.  They spent most of their time trying to tandem retrieve any sticks that we threw and pouncing on one another.  Sunset swim collage


3 responses to “Dog Friendly Lake Tahoe: Day 4

  1. Stand up paddling is huge in Australia. Have managed to get Ruby to sit at the front and be still (she is ok most of the time) and we also canoe on the harbour with her. As you can imagine, it’s equally hard with both getting her back onto the craft from the water!

    • We were talking about trying to take the dogs out with us next time we go, but we’re worried about getting them to sit still on the board. How did you train Ruby to sit on the board and not just try to swim next to you the whole time?

      • She’s pretty good and ‘sit and stay’ so I got her on the end and pushed off from the shallows. Most of the time she sits sniffing the air or lies down trying to look into the water. She tries to jump off sometimes but I just say stay and she settles down. Obviously lazy, she’d rather sit and take in the view…However, she has jumped in and then we’ve just had to come to shore as I can’t drag her onto the board easily! The canoe is slightly easier to drag on in on because I know it won’t tip over in the process. Have a go!! You could always get the dogs to wear a doggie life jacket in case you want to go out further from shore – a good look!

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