Dog Friendly Lake Tahoe: Day 3

This morning we decided to start our day with a trip to the South Lake Tahoe dog park (Bijou Park).  The park is surrounded by huge pine trees that drop the biggest pine cones we’ve ever seen.  Fish immediately picked up a playmate who decided to be his shadow for our entire visit.  Unfortunately for this other dog, Fish had no interest in playing whatsoever, though that didn’t seem to deter his friend one bit.  dog park collageBecause there were a few things we wanted to do while in Tahoe that weren’t dog friendly, we took Fish and Ares to spend one night at Tahoe Best Friends.  We were very impressed with the set up at TBF — couches and beds to sleep on, outdoor play spaces with water for drinking and playing in, and a very friendly staff —  so we knew Fish and Ares would probably have as much fun there as they would on the rest of the trip.

We spent the next two hours horseback riding from Camp Richardson to Fallen Leaf Lake.  This was Joseph’s first time on a horse, but he turned out to be a natural.  🙂  We had a very friendly guide and though our horses were sometimes more interested in eating shrubbery than following the trail, we had a great experience.  Horseback Riding CollageThat evening we celebrated our anniversary at Boathouse on the Pier.  We had a lovely view of the pier and the lake from our table and really enjoyed our evening there.  Dinner ViewAfter grabbing some Coldstone ice cream, we headed back to the hotel to watch the sunset from a hammock just outside our hotel room.  Ahh, this is what vacation is all about.  Sunset Hammock


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