Screen Couples

Tonight Joseph and I were discussing the fact that we rarely relate to the average boy-meets-girl, will they/won’t they TV story lines any more. We do, however, love to watch couples who choose to face the world together in any circumstance. We put together our list of five favorites, but as we’re looking for new shows that might hold our interest, I wonder if anyone has more suggestions? We find in a few cases that we can wind up not being all that interested in the show as a whole, but we’ll watch just because we enjoy the antics of that couple. Here’s our list, in no particular order (we couldn’t agree on one :P)

1. Lily and Marshall, How I Met Your Mother

2. Evan and Paige, Royal Pains

3. Rory and Amy, Doctor Who

4. Brenda Lee and Fritz, The Closer

5. Claire and Phil, Modern Family

We’d love to hear your input!


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