Decorating with Memories: Direction Sign

When we got married  we chose a location near where we met, which is about 600 miles from where we currently live.  Because many of our friends and coworkers from our current city were not able to travel with us for the celebration, two of our neighbors opted to host an open house luau party for us on our two-month anniversary.

Joken enjoying the luau

Enjoying the luau

Our neighbors are very crafty, so the decorations were all hand-made and fantastic.  One of our favorite decorations was a direction sign Joseph created (our neighbors were the idea people on this one) with arrows pointing to our wedding, our honeymoon, and our open-house luau with mileage included:

To our wedding and our honeymoon

To our wedding and our honeymoon

Just in case you can't find the front door.

Just in case you can’t find the front door.

We liked these signs so much that we hung on to them for a few years, and finally decided to add them to our yard decor.  We wanted to add an arrow for where we were engaged and place them all in an empty spot near our back porch.  This  project is so simple if you have the right tools.  The first step was procuring an old and wrecked piece of wood (read as “weathered”).  Luckily we had recently dismantled an ancient outdoor bench with slats that were a perfect size.  Using the router Joseph got for Christmas, he carved “Disneyland – 344 mi.”


Using the router



Afterward, he cut the slats at 45 degrees to make the arrow part of the sign. A chop saw is really useful here.



After that, we found another piece of scrapwood to use as a post.  We just nailed the two together and hammered them into the ground.  Quick and easy!


Finished signs.

Now we’ll add a few flowers to the rosemary around the base of the sign and voila, that bare patch of dirt will become a great display area for a little piece of our wedding celebrations!


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