Outdoor Upgrades: Update #1

It’s been about 3 weeks since we decided to start the long-awaited outdoor makeover.  It is a slow start, but we’ve gotten a number of projects underway.

Our first step was to get the palm tree trimmed in our front yard.  This was actually the easiest thing we’ve done so far.  Several of our neighbors hired a company to trim their trees, so while they were in the neighborhood they stopped by and did ours too.  DSCN0177

On the house front, we got one little project done and a bigger project started.  The little project was replacing the light on our front porch.  It may not be a huge change, but Kendra hated the original one from the moment we moved in.  Now when the place gets painted, it should all come together nicely.


The larger project has been replacing all of the exterior doors in the house.  We’re fairly certain all the existing doors were original to the house, so they were getting quite worn and very drafty.

This is our old front door after Joseph removed the trim

Our old front door after Joseph removed the trim

Replacing the door to our garage went off without a hitch, but when Joseph took out our backdoor he found quite a lot of termite damage.  Guess we’ll be calling our exterminator this week.  Bummer.

Termite Damage

Our front door has been the biggest change.  We found a new door that we absolutely love at Lowe’s, and it’s made such a big difference!  The window at the top lets so much more light into our living room!

Our new front door, pre paint

Our new front door, pre trim and paint

Once the door install is completely finished Joseph will post a how-to guide with tips and tricks that he’s learned throughout the process.

Joseph removing the old interior trim

Joseph removing the old interior trim

Our next steps will be to finish hanging the storm doors, replace the exterior door trim, and pick out paint colors.  We’re pretty excited to see so many projects moving forward!


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