Looking back

We recently celebrated five years in our current house and we are so ready to start a massive makeover on our yards and house exterior.  Not that we’ve been sitting back just watching the weeds grow for five years, it’s just time to do a full overhaul.  Before we start discussing our upcoming yard plans, here’s a look back at what has changed over the years:

2008:  One of our first outdoor projects when we moved in was to remove a dated, dirty lamppost from the center of our patio.  We chose to turn this spot into a fire pit instead and have loved using it ever since!

We had no love for this thing.


Now an often used fire pit

2009:  We finally tired of looking out our back window and seeing a bunch of dead bushes.  So we got a chainsaw, a four-wheeler, multiple shovels, and a few helpful friends and pulled out five oversized evergreen bushes (4 from our backyard, 1 from the front).  Not the easiest of all tasks, but we loved the difference it made in our view and the amount of room we have in our yard.

Big, overgrown evergreens

Big, overgrown evergreens


Wow look, a window!

2010:  When spring arrived we decided that we’d watched far too many shingles go flying off our roof every time it got windy.  So we grabbed a few neighbors and some nail guns and replaced the entire thing!  Re-roofing around the chimney was kind of a pain (we don’t even have a fireplace!).  Joseph actually wound up removing the chimney 2 years later because it started leaking.  Oh well!

Roof install -- chimney

2012:  We decided to tackle our dilapidated, spider-filled shed.  During the previous summer we helped some family members build their new shed, so armed with that knowledge we bought the supplies and jumped right in.  Joseph decided to create his own plans for the job rather than use a pre-existing one which made me a little nervous at first, but the end result was perfectly tailored to our needs (and much sturdier than the old shed).

Our old, rotting shed

Our old, rotting shed

Our new and improved shed!

Our new and improved shed!

So there it is!  The history of our outdoor improvement endeavors to date.  Hopefully we’ll be able to show off a total transformation over the course of this year.


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