Ares and Fish

In August of 2008 we adopted two black lab puppies from a friend of ours (their mother is his favorite show dog). They were 3 months old and weighed just 25 pounds. We were immediately smitten with puppy love! Looking back, it was a little hectic introducing new puppies into the fixer-upper we’d lived in for just over a month, but we’ve learned (and laughed) a lot along the way.

Ares and Fish

Ares is our lazy sweetheart.  His favorite pass-times are eating anything and everything, snuggling on a comfy piece of furniture, and getting attention from the closest human(s).  We named him Ares  because of a little joke from Joseph’s dad: since Ares is the Greek god of war, he wanted Ares, the dyslexic dog of raw.  Ha ha.


Fish is a big ball of energy who never stops moving.  He loves to run, swim, and play endless games of fetch.  We think he manages to stay thin because his tail is in perpetual motion.  Originally Fish’s name was going to be spelled Ghoti  (see the reason here  However, as I thought about our first visit to the vet and the technician calling for a dog named “Goatee,” we decided to go with the traditional spelling.

Happy Fish

One of our goals with this blog is to compile our experiences in traveling with dogs—what worked, what didn’t, and what we’d like to try.  One of the best things we’ve done for our dogs on long road trips is to periodically find places we can let them get out all of their energy.  The trips do become longer, but we’ve had some really neat experiences off the beaten path.  This picture was taken at a ranch exit on our last trip to Salt Lake.

Salt Lake Trip March 2013 2

Another purpose for this blog is to chronicle our success with various dog products.  Our most recent product attempt stemmed from a hike we took with our dogs back in November.  It was a rough and rocky hike, and by the end Fish and Ares’ paws were raw and bleeding.  So we purchased two sets of booties to help protect their feet and we are working on getting them used to how it feels to walk in them.  Several of our friends suggested putting one or two booties on at a time to start slowly, but in our first attempt Ares spent the entire time high-stepping like a horse and Fish figured out how to take off the velcro fasteners.  For our second attempt, we decided to distract them with some of their favorite treats, with much better success:

Here’s hoping they are completely comfortable in them by the time we take them hiking in Tahoe this summer!


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